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Committee Focus

In each edition of enGINe, we take the opportunity to introduce some of our Board sub-committees, task forces and groups
and tell you a bit more about them and what they are doing to serve the members and the organisation.

This time we are introducing the new Membership Committee:

Membership Committee Update
In August 2012 Minna Kaila stepped down from the G-I-N Board and Board related activities including Chair of the
Membership Committee. Sue Huckson and Sonja Kertsen were appointed Chair and Vice Chair respectively. We thank Minna for her work
on the committee and wish her the best for the future.

What is our role?

The work of the membership committee is to actively promote membership for G-I-N by:

  • Identifying opportunities to increase visibility of the network internationally
  • Recommending strategies to the Board that will improve communication and promotion the activities of G-I-N, and
  • Provide a forum through which members concerns can be raised at the Board

What are our priorities?

  • Recruiting new members to the committee: the Board was requested to nominate individuals with a focus on underrepresented regions. Additionally, 6 members from the network responded to the Expression of Interestto join the committee. The committee is currently reviewing all of those nominations with a view to ensurerepresentation across regions from both individual and organizational members.
  • Reviewing the communication review undertaken for G-I-N in 2011/12 to develop effective strategies to add value to the network membership and promote the G-I-N resources such as the recently published GuidelineStandard s and Public Tool kit.
  • Working with groups seeking to establish regional communities – the G-I-N North America was the first of the regional groups to be established.

Who are the current members of the Membership Committee?

  • Sue Huckson
  • Sonja Kersten
  • Ian Nathanson
  • Corrina Schaefer
  • Airton Stein

How can you be involved?
We would like to hear ideas about making G-I-N work for you – please email suggestions or comments to

Page last updated: Dec 14, 2012
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