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Editorial April 2012

An editorial from Minna Kaila - Vice-Chair G-I-N 2010-2012.

Minna Kaila 2010Dear readers,

An organization like G-I-N consists (very) simplistically of two components, the members and the Board. Elections take place annually when the members elect the Board and so the relationship between the members and the Board is quite clear and straightforward. The membership has the heavy responsibility of electing members to the Board and at least a third of the Board is renewed every year. This does not mean a total makeover of the Board, since an individual can serve three terms of up to three years each. This helps to guarantee continuity, which is needed both for good governance and to avoid a drastic change of direction every year.

Although consistency is important, change is also needed, in order to bring in new blood and with it new ideas, new solutions and new ways of working. The Board makes the everyday decisions throughout the year, on behalf of the membership; and as in every Board that I have served on, the division of tasks and responsibilities is not equal in the G-I-N Board. The Chair obviously takes on the main responsibilities, interacts with the Executive Officer, leads the Board teleconferences and other meetings, and sets the overall tone of the Board. The Chair has the immediate support of the executive, a small subgroup of the Board with at least the Vice Chair and the Treasurer. And all of the Board members depend heavily on the Executive Officer, and the very small secretariat.

So, dear membership – the time has come when you get to use your power, to suggest candidates and then vote to select the best possible new members of the Board. Please do so!

With best regards,

Minna Kaila

Vice-Chair of G-I-N & editor of enGINe, and Chair of the membership committee

Page last updated: Apr 11, 2012
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