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G-I-N website - Issue 4

Are you getting the most from the new G-I-N website? Here is the fourth part of a series of articles to help familiarise you with the features available: Editing an entry in the G-I-N Library and using the feeds.

How can I add or edit an entry in the G-I-N Library

Who can manage your organisation's entries?

Every G-I-N member organisation must appoint one primary contact. By default, only this primary contact person has the permission to add and edit any entry in the G-I-N library. Nevertheless, the primary contact can choose to delegate the editing permission to other members of his/her organisation.

Please note that we use the word "entry" for guidelines, evidence reports and related documents.

How to grant permission to edit

Note: This section applies to primary contacts only.

  • Click on the name of your organisation on your Dashboard.
  • You will now notice a green border around the main content of the page
  • Click on the "Sharing" tab in the green management links.


  • On the "Sharing" page use the search function to search for the user whom you want to grant edit permissions.

    Sharing User
  • Check the boxes "can add", "can edit" for the desired user and save.

Add a new entry

Note: Requires edit permission.

  • On your dashboard click on "Guidelines" to get directly to the place where your existing entries are stored and listed.
  • Click on "Add new guideline" on the right side of your screen. Fill out the form with all available information about the entry and save.
  • As a last step, do not forget to change the status "Pending" into "Active" otherwise the entry will not be listed in the G-I-N Library

Edit an entry

Note: Requires edit permission

  • On your dashboard click on "Guidelines" to get directly to the place where your existing guidelines are stored and listed.
  • Click on the pen symbol next to the entry that you want to edit.
  • Perform the desired changes in the entry form and save.

My searches - subscribe notification

Every time you perform a search in the Library as a G-I-N member, your search criteria are temporarily stored in a section "Recent Searches" above the search form.

If you want to permanently store previous searches you can use the "Save As" button in the "Recent Searches" section. After saving a search, it is removed from the section "Recent Searches" and placed in "My Searches". Both "Recent Searches" and "My Searches" can be found in the G-I-N Library section and on your Dashboard.

In the section "My Searches" you have the possibility to "Enable update notification" for one or all of your searches.  If enabled, this functionality will allow you to receive an email notification when an entry matching your specific search criteria is added or modified.

Enable update notification






Our RSS Feeds

Newsletter - enGINe What's New

Newsletter - enGINe Documents in the library

Newsletter - enGINe In the sections "Relevant Literature" and "Literature updates" you have the possibility to subscribe to an always-updated feed of your search terms. These sections of the website provide you with a selection of papers on guideline methods, development and implementation thus leading you to key studies in the area.

Send your comments

In order to improve the functionality and user friendliness of the website and to better answer to your needs we would be pleased to receive your comments on the website in general, its usability, tools, etc.

Call for Information

Please let our webmaster, Inga Koenig, know about any new or updated publications (like guidelines, systematic reviews, evidence reports, guideline clearing reports), changes to your organisation’s contact details, newsletter services or any other information you would like to present on the website, such as training materials or projects. As always we are dependent on member organisations to keep the website up-to-date.

Inga Koenig:
Phone: +49-30-4005-2522

Page last updated: Apr 14, 2011
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