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G-I-N NA events and activities

News from G-I-N North American Community: on-going activities and an event.

G-I-N North America Webinar Series

In January 2012 G-I-N North America, in collaboration with Kaiser Permanente, will launch a webinar series to explore issues of relevance to the North American guideline community and to generate interest in G-I-N, G-I-N North America, and related conferences.

The first webinar “New Institute of Medicine Standards for Trustworthy Guidelines: Implications for the North American Guideline Community” will take place on Thursday, January 19, 2012 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST).  Rick Shiffman is the featured speaker with Rich Rosenfeld as moderator. The objectives of this first webinar are for participants to gain:

  1. Knowledge of the Institute of Medicine Standards for Trustworthy Guidelines
  2. Insights into how the standards were developed and what they mean for North American guideline developers
  3. Understanding of potential challenges in implementing the standards
  4. Opportunities for collaboration to share solutions and best practices

The second webinar is planned for February 2012 and will feature Chris Schmid discussing “New Institute of Medicine Standards for Trustworthy Systematic Reviews: Implications for the North American Guideline Community.”

Further information about the webinars is available from Gladys Tom at Kaiser Permanente (

December 2012 Conference

G-I-N North America will co-sponsor with the New York Academy of Medicine a two-day conference on “Guidelines, Policy, and Practice,” to be held at the New York Academy of Medicine ( on December 10-11, 2012.  The conference, co-chaired by Peter Wyer and Richard Rosenfeld, is crafted around the following key themes:

  • From bench to trench: how evidence and guidelines shape health care policy
  • What makes a clinical practice guideline trustworthy?
  • Managing the message: advocates, the media, and guideline dissemination
  • Making it happen: adapting, implementing, and tracking

Plenary sessions will explore controversial, state of the art topics and numerous parallel workshop/breakout sessions will offer attendees the opportunity to acquire specific skills and knowledge that will allow them to more effectively engage in guideline development, adaptation, and implementation.

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