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Editorial December 2011

An editorial from Günter Ollenschläger - Co-Chair, G-I-N Conference 2012 Berlin; Founding G-I-N Chair 2002-2005.

G. Ollenschläger - Host of G-I-N 2012

Dear Colleagues,

The holiday season gives us – hopefully - some “time out” from business life. Beside all the celebrations with our loved ones we might reflect on the past and the future and plan the new years’ activities. For my German colleagues and myself, 2012 will be a special year: we are thrilled that G-I-Ns 10th anniversary will be celebrated in Berlin during the G-I-N 2012 Conference from 22nd until 25th. And I am looking forward to meeting lots of you during that event in our beautiful and lively capital.

G-I-N’s 10th anniversary is a special time to reflect on lessons learned from our collaboration and to discuss future visions for international partnership. The conference’s motto ‘Global Evidence – International Diversity’ mirrors the opportunities to share evidence globally and to respect local differences while formulating and implementing guidelines in international and regional settings.

The Scientific Committee, chaired by Ina Kopp (Germany), Keng Ho Pwee (Singapore), and Amir Qaseem (USA) is working on a fine programme. Strategies and successful examples of international collaboration and regional needs will be addressed, and the diversity of the international audience is represented across all sessions. Major topics will be the latest developments in defining standards of quality of guidelines, in the methodology of creating the evidence basis for guidelines and in patient involvement. Plenary sessions, workshops, panel sessions, short oral presentations and posters will be provided by an international panel of invited speakers and abstract submitters.

The godmothers and godfathers of our Network, those experts who had a major input during its first years, will join us in a plenary session presenting their original ideas in founding G-I-N and reflecting its outcomes during the years. Please do not hesitate to share your individual views with them, and – for preparing this session – have a look at the presentations of the G-I-N birthday workshop, Berlin 2002 (

G-I-N 2012, like all our conferences, will be a perfect opportunity to meet at a beautiful place and to network with new and old colleagues across disciplines from all over the world. We hope that you will use this occasion to develop and strengthen lasting collaborations with people from a wide range of countries and organisations.

Don’t forget to submit an abstract and book early on

Happy Holidays and Welcome to Berlin in 2012!

Günter Ollenschläger PharmD, MD, PhD

Co-Chair, G-I-N 2012 Conference Berlin

Page last updated: Dec 16, 2011
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