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Project board

Welcome to our project and collaboration board, where G-I-N members are given the opportunity to join working groups, get involved with work within the network and take the chance to highlight their own calls for collaboration to the international guideline community.




The Guidelines International Network seeks interested individuals to participate in focus groups to discuss what is needed from the G-I-N library

The Guidelines International Network currently hosts one of the world’s largest international libraries of clinical practice guidelines and tools to aid guideline developers with their adaptation and implementation. This library is made up of links to the original documents, mostly provided by our member organisations.

The library was established in 2003, with the aim of providing access to existing clinical practice guidelines, guidelines in development, guideline reviews, guideline methodologies, tools and templates. This resource provides members the opportunity to learn from work that has gone before and continuously improve the quality of clinical practice guidelines in a more efficient and robust way. It is recognised however that the library has limitations at present, including broken links to materials many of which are a result of the closure of the National Guideline Clearing House in July 2018, and limited search facilities.

G-I-N wishes to develop its guideline library into the ’go to’ source for guidelines both published and in development to enhance collaboration and maximise its impact.

If you are a keen or frustrated user of the G-I-N library and want to see it developed, or if you have ideas about how we can enhance collaboration through a registry of guidelines in development, then please volunteer! All focus groups will take place by teleconference.
The focus groups will consider:

• the functionality required from the G-I-N library, in terms of availability and usefulness of the content

• the tools required to search the content

• what is required to incorporate guidelines in development.

If you are interested, please contact Sara Twaddle, Senior Project Manager, .

Recommendations will be made to the G-I-N Board for the future of the library at the end of January 2020. 

Deadline for submitting EOI - 19th November 2019

The  Board and Secretariat are keen to involve members more in the activities of our network, so watch this board for opportunities to suit your skills and areas of interest.  

If you would like something to be posted on the Project Board email Jenna Docherty at

Page last updated: Nov 07, 2019
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