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Become a GIN member

The Guidelines International Network is the leading organisation that enables organisations and individuals to work together on issues and projects related to guideline development, implementation and research.

GIN aims to

  • Provide easy access to resources for organisations and individuals across the world
  • Facilitate and foster collaboration within the network
  • Provide a platform for members to share their expertise and information on their activities and projects

The benefits of GIN membership

  • Sharing of resources to reduce duplication, effort and cost
  • Organisational members may upload guidelines to our registry and guideline library which contains related documents online, tools and resources submitted by GIN members for producing and implementing evidence based guidelines
  • Free access to the Cochrane Library 
  • Working with international experts and participating in GIN Working Groups on topics designed to enhance and support guideline development and implementation
  • Ability to share news and highlight work through the GIN newsletter (enGINe), website and membership platform
  • Discounted registration for GIN events where you can network with international experts 
  • Discounted fees for the INGUIDE guideline developer training
  • Opportunities for mentoring, professional development and training activities through the Working Groups and Regional Communities
  • Free access to DynaMed for our organisational members, through our collaboration agreement
  • Discount of up to 20% when signing up to join Covidence. Covidence  is a complete systematic review management system that streamlines the literature review process and provides a centralised, consolidated view of all review activity within an organisation.

Categories of membership and specific benefits




Web accesses

Unlimited (large)

10 (small)


Participation in working groups






Standing for elections



Reduced GIN event fees



Promotion of the organisation's activities



* Since 2011 Individual members can elect one member of the Board of Trustees (Individual Trustee)

1. Organisational Membership is available to non profit distributing organisations involved in developing, disseminating, implementing, or evaluating clinical practice guidelines, or is an otherwise active stakeholder in the guideline world.

Benefits include:

  • Opportunities to benefit from international collaboration in guideline activities, multinational project groups, training courses, events and conferences
  • Opportunities to promote your organisation's activities
  • List your planned and published guidelines in the International Guideline Library & registry (no charge)
  • Ability to list the organisation's current and planned guidelines on the Guideline Library (no maximum)
  • Free access to the Cochrane Library - visit our Partner page to view this along with other resources
  • Free access to DynaMed for up to 5 staff - visit our Partner page 
  • Possibility to lead or participate in GIN Working Groups and Communities' activities and access their reports
  • Reduced fees to future GIN events and courses for all staff members (must be a member from 1 April before the conference to qualify for a pre-conference course discount or conference registration)
  • Reduced fees for the INGUIDE training program to credential guideline developers
  • Possibility to earn a referral discount for the conference (40% reduction) if your organisation refers another, which becomes a GIN member
  • Opportunity to stand for election, nominate and elect the members of the GIN Board of Trustees
  • Eligibility to vote at the AGM


Apply for organisational membership

2. Individual Membership may be available to individuals working in the field of clinical practice guidelines, particularly those who are not employed by an eligible organisational or associate member.


Benefits include:

  • Opportunities to benefit from international collaboration in guideline activities, trans-national project groups, training courses, events and conferences
  • Possibility to participate in GIN Working Groups and Communities' activities and access their reports
  • Reduced event registration fee (must be a member from 1 April before the GIN conference)
  • Eligibility to become an Individual Trustee on the GIN Board of Trustees
  • Possibility to elect one member of the Board (Individual Trustee)
  • Online access to the Cochrane Library

Apply for individual membership

3. Associate membership - may be available to commercial organisations, active in the field of evidence-based medicine.  Associates are not eligible for Board membership or to lead a Working Group or Regional Community.   From December 2017, the fee category has been split to reflect small and large organisations.  Contact the for further details.


How can you join us?

If you are interested in joining the Network please complete an online application form after viewing GIN's Memorandum and Articles of Association.  Your application will be reviewed by the membership committee, please allow up to 10 days for a response.


If you need more information or help for the application process, please email the secretariat:  We are very happy to assist you.

Membership fees

The main source of funding for the Network comes from the fees paid by its members. However, to provide the widest access to our resources we have always aimed to keep our subscriptions at a low level.  It was agreed at the 2020 AGM not to increase fees for the year ahead.

Membership fees are based on the location of the organisation/individual. The World Bank classification is used to determine High and Upper-Middle income economies and Lower-Middle and Low income economies. Details of this can be found here.

Organisations are further categorised by small organisations (with a maximum of 10 staff members) and large organisations.

There are opportunities for member organisations to sponsor/mentor a member from a developing country. For further information on how you can give this support, please contact our Treasurer by email on:

From April 2016, all members, who are not in the Eurozone will be invoiced in sterling.

The table below shows our annual membership fees effective from 1st April 2020.

Main category





Large organisation

(>10 staff)



Small organisations

(<11 staff)



Low and lower-middle income country

Consumer organisations



Individual member


Consumer representative * / student


Low and lower-middle income country



Large organisation

(>10 staff)


Small organisation

(<11 staff)


* The term "consumer" is used to address all groups of lay people (people who are not healthcare professionals) who contribute to or could potentially contribute to evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. This includes individuals:

  • who have a condition or disability relevant to guidelines in use, in development or in need of development, or being implemented
  • such as family and friends who provide unpaid care
  • from organisations representing consumer interests, including voluntary sector or non-governmental organisations.

Synonyms of consumer include 'patient', 'carer' 'consumer advocate', 'service user', 'user representative' or 'patient representative'.

The individual patient/consumer representative fee applies to individual patients only and does not apply to a representative of a patient advocacy group.

The GIN membership year runs from 1st April until 31st March in line with our financial year.  In order to be eligible for a reduced conference registration, you/your organisation must have paid the full membership fees for that year.  For "umbrella organisations", conference discounts apply to employees only, not affiliates or members of that organisation.

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Page last updated: Nov 06, 2020
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