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Webinar: Developing and Evaluating Guideline Implementation tools (GItools)

This webinar, containing the presentation slides, is now available. Downloading, copying, reusing, or distributing this document is not permissible.

This webinar provides theory, research and practical insight on how to support guideline implementation and use by improving your guideline implementation tools (GItools).

The presentation defines GItools and identifies various types; discusses the theory and evidence behind GItools and how they facilitate guideline use; explains how GItools are different but complementary to guideline “implementability”; provides information on how exemplar GItools were developed, resource requirements and associated challenges; considers the desirable characteristics of GItools generated through consultation with the international guideline community; reviews an analysis of the features of GItools accompanying a sample of guidelines; and discusses issues that warrant further research.

Recording of the webinar

Developing and Evaluating Guideline Implementation tools (GItools)

Webinar Presentation

Powerpoint Slides for the GItools Webinar

  • Jul 22, 2014
  • not set
  • Webinar
  • 1:30 hours
  • Download

Anna R. Gagliardi, PhD

Scientist, Toronto General Research Institute, University Health Network
Associate Professor, University of Toronto
Chair, G-I-N Implementation Working Group
Steering Group, G-I-N/North America

Sandra Lewis, PhD

Chair-Elect, G-I-N/North America Steering Group

Learning Objectives
1.  Learn about the theory and evidence and gain practical insight into the use of guideline implementation tools (GItools).
2.  Understand the desirable aspects of exemplar GItools, how they are complementary to guideline implementability, and how they facilitate guideline use.
3.  See how current research is evaluating important features of GItools and informing future research questions.

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