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Reporting guidelines for synthesis without meta-analysis

Cochrane presents the next webinar in its Learning Live series: "Reporting guidelines for synthesis without meta-analysis". A recording from this webinar will be posted after the event.

This is the second of two related webinars aimed at review authors and editors (Webinar 1: “Narrative synthesis” of quantitative effect data in Cochrane reviews: current issues and ways forward). This webinar introduces the Synthesis Without Meta-analysis (SWiM) reporting guideline accompanied by illustrative examples. The webinar aims to promote implementation of best practice in synthesis without meta-analysis. There will be the opportunity to address queries about the reporting items. The work presented is from the ICONS-Quant (Improving the Conduct and reporting of Narrative Synthesis of Quantitative data) project which is funded by the Cochrane Strategic Methods Fund (May 2017-May 2019).

The webinar will last around 60 minutes and will be presented in five sections. Throughout the webinar there will be polling to help participants learn and ensure the audience is following the content. There will be opportunities for the audience to ask questions at the end of each section.



Dr Hilary Thomson, co-ordinating editor of Cochrane Public Health, Senior Research Fellow, University of Glasgow. Hilary Thomson has extensive experience in conducting large complex reviews of questions about the health impacts of social policy interventions such as housing, transport, and welfare. Her work focusses on ways to improve the reliability and utility of systematic reviews that address public health policy relevant questions.

Mhairi Campbell, Systematic Reviewer, University of Glasgow. Mhairi Campbell has broad experience of conducting complex systematic reviews, including: qualitative evidence of policy interventions, review of theories linking income and health, and research investigating the reporting of narrative synthesis methods of quantitative data in public health systematic reviews


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