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No Choice of Outcomes About us Without us! *International PPI Network series*

Cochrane presents the next webinar in its Learning Live series with the International PPI Network: "No Choice of Outcomes About us Without us!". A recording from this webinar is now available. Downloading, copying, reusing or distributing these files is not permissible.

Are you passionate about using patient important outcomes in research? Do you want to learn how agreeing such outcomes with key stakeholders leads to the development of a core outcome set - helping reduce waste and improving the quality of research? Then come and join our webinar. We will provide an overview of core outcome sets (you can watch a brief introductory animation here first). Two patients and a patient organisation representative who have all been involved in developing core outcome sets will join the session and briefly present their experiences. We will also explore the challenges of patient input into core outcome set development and provide links for further information. Join us for our action-packed webinar!

This session is aimed at organisations and individuals working in patient and public involvement (PPI) as well as patient organisations and patients / the public undertaking PPI in research who have an interest in patient important outcomes for research. (The webinar will be presented in plain language and will include patient organisation stories).

Recording of the webinar:-

“No Choice of Outcomes About us Without us! *International PPI Network series*"



Paula Williamson: Professor of Biostatistics, Lead for the COMET (Core Outcome Measures in Effectiveness Trials) Initiative. (The COMET Initiative brings together people interested in developing and applying core outcome sets). 

Bridget Young: Professor of Psychology and Co-Chair of the COMET People and Patient Participation Involvement and Engagement (PoPPIE) Working Group

Heather Bagley: COMET Initiative Patient and Public Involvement Co-ordinator

John Turner: Former patient participant in a core outcome set and public co-chair of the PoPPIE Working Group

Maureen Smith: Patient Research Partner in a core outcome set study and public member of the PoPPIE Working Group

Tess Harris: Chief Executive at Polycystic Kidney Disease Charity UK.

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