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Editorial considerations in reviews with network meta-analysis *NMA webinar series*

Cochrane presents the next webinar in its Learning Live series on NMA: "Editorial considerations in reviews with network meta-analysis". A recording from this webinar is now available. Downloading, copying, reusing or distributing these files is not permissible.

This is the fifth webinar in our NMA Learning Live Webinar series, and will discuss good practice in the reporting of reviews including network meta-analysis. Common issues will also be highlighted and addressed and exemplar reviews will be presented. 

This session is intended for people who are interested in undertaking a systematic review that includes a network meta-analysis, or who are actively developing a protocol for a review or working on a review that intends to conduct this analysis type. In addition to review author teams, CRG editors and methodologists will also be able to learn about editorial considerations and good practice.

Recording of the webinar:-

Editorial considerations in reviews with network meta-analysis *NMA webinar series*"



Kerry Dwan is methods support unit lead and statistical editor in the Cochrane Editorial and Methods Department.

Liz Bickerdike is the Associate Editor for the Acute & Emergency Care Network and the Abdomen & Endocrine Network

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