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Vacina tríplice (DTP) contra - difteria/tétano/coqueluche

Publication Title: Vacina tríplice (DTP) contra - difteria/tétano/coqueluche
  • AMB (BR) - Brazilian Medical Association
Country(ies) of application:
  • Brazil
  • Portuguese
Type of Publication: Guideline
Publication Scope:
  • Prevention
  • Management
Publication Status: Published
Date of publication: Sep 01, 2002
Last modified on: -
Due for Review: -
MeSH Terms addressed:
  • Gram-Negative Bacterial Infections (C01.252.400)
  • Gram-Positive Bacterial Infections (C01.252.410)
    • Corynebacterium Infections (C01.252.410.040.246)
      • Diphtheria (C01.252.410.040.246.388)
    • Clostridium Infections (C01.252.410.222)
      • Tetanus (C01.252.410.222.864)
  • Respiratory Tract Diseases (C08)
    • Respiratory Tract Infections (C08.730)
  • Preventive Health Services (N02.421.726)
    • Primary Prevention (N02.421.726.758)
      • Immunization (N02.421.726.758.310)
  • Public Health (N06.850)
    • Public Health Practice (N06.850.780)
      • Communicable Disease Control (N06.850.780.200)
MeSH Terms 2015 addressed:
Page last updated: Sep 04, 2015
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