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GIN Publications & Presentations

From time to time, the Board receives questions from the members to provide guidance in particularly tricky or contentious areas. Where a consistent need for specific guidance is established, the board, or a subset of Trustees will collaborate to write a paper on the topic to address the issue. Additionally, members of our working groups will collaborate to write and publish papers. All of these papers can be found below.

Publications by the GIN Board of Trustees and GIN Working Groups

 September 2020

 June 2020

Munn, Zachary PhD, GradDip HlthSc, BMedRad; Brandt, Linn MD; Kuijpers, Ton PhD; Whittington, Craig PhD; Wiles, Louise PhD, BPhysio; Karge, Torsten, on behalf of the G-I-N Tech Working Group

Are systematic review and guideline development tools useful? A Guidelines International Network survey of user preferences

April 2018

Wieringa, S., D. Dreesens, F. Forland, C. Hulshof, S. Lukersmith, F. Macbeth, B. Shaw, A. K. van Vliet, T. Zuiderent-Jerak on behalf of the AID Knowledge Working Group of the Guidelines International Network (2018) published in BMJ Evidence-Based MedicineDifferent knowledge, different styles of reasoning: a challenge for guideline development  

May 2017

The Overdiagnosis Working Group published Guidance for Modifying the Definition of Diseases; A Checklist in The JAMA Network in May 2017.  

January 2016

The reporting standards paper by the Performance Measures Working Group was published in Implementation Science in January 2016. 

Publication: Nothacker M, Stokes T, Shaw B, Lindsay P, Sipilä R, Follmann M, Kopp I; Guidelines International Network (G-I-N) Performance Measures Working Group. Reporting standards for guideline-based performance measures. Implementation Science 2016, 11:6.

The full text is available open access:

October 2015

In October 2015, the Board published a paper on one particular standard, again in  Annals of Internal Medicine, entitled:  “G-I-N: Principles for Disclosure of Interests and Management of Conflicts in Guidelines”

This paper was launched at the GIN 2015 conference in Amsterdam, where Amir Qaseem, MD and Prof Holger Schuenemann delivered a plenary presentation on the topic. The presentation slides are available here G-I-N CoI Policy - Plenary Presentation


April 2012

The GIN Board of Trustees published a paper in Annals of Internal Medicine on the Standards for Clinical Practice Guidelines development.


February 2012

The GIN Board of Trustees published a paper in the Systematic Reviews journal on Prospective systematic review registration: perspective from the Guidelines International Network (G-I-N)


 GIN Presentations







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