Ton Kuijpers, PhD

Ton KuijpersTon Kuijpers is an epidemiologist and senior scientific staff member of the Department of Research and Guideline Development at the Dutch College of General Practitioners. He has been involved in clinical guideline development for 15 years and is currently focused on primary care. His main interest is in the methods of guideline development (e.g. GRADE), prognostic research, and how innovative technology could make our life easier. He is a member of the GRADE working group and founded and is co-chairing the Dutch GRADE Network. He acted as a GRADE-consultant for the National Health Care Institute and led workshops on GRADE to varying audiences.

He is chairing GINtech, this aims to find solutions to prevent duplication of effort and reduce cost and avoid waste. He has an interest in the digital presentation and communication of guidelines to health care professionals aiming to maximise user friendliness. He is involved in the Rapid Recommendations initiative, in which all his interests merge nicely.

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