Holger Schünemann, MD

Holger Schünemann

As chair of the Department of Health Research, Evidence, and Impact at McMaster University my research focuses on evidence synthesis and guideline development methodology.  My approach includes being actively involved in development and application of guidelines as (co-)chair of more than 40 guideline panels, many of them at WHO. I was one of three scientists providing key advice to WHO in 2006 on guideline development through a series of 16 articles published by Biomedcentral. The guidelines we helped develop are broad in nature ranging from clinical to public health topics.

I am a sought after chair of guideline panels and guideline workshops for my moderation and leadership skills in guideline panels which I consider one of my main contributions to the field. Our department hosts graduate programs with over 250 graduate students, many of them already highly skilled methodologists who we mentor and support into a successful research career. Some of the individuals I mentored became important contributors to WHO guideline development.  With the consortium represented here I have collaborated over many years and I am looking forward to working these colleagues on this exciting and important project for WHO.

At McMaster, I am the founder of the GRADE Centre and have made numerous contributions to the Guideline International Network (e.g. GIN-McMaster guideline development checklist) and the Cochrane Collaboration; I serve on the board of both organisations and am the Director of Cochrane Canada that will help bridge important links to support work at WHO.


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