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Dr Alex Aitkin, Assistant Director of NHMRC’s Research Policy Section, lead developer of NHMRC’s Impact Case Studies and evaluation-related projects, Policy developer in research impact assessment and developer of CSIRO’s impact case studies and Impact Evaluation Guide

Dr Kiah Evans Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Telethon Kids Institute and Coordinator of Autism CRC’s first National Guidelines for Autism diagnosis.

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Guidelines represent a significant investment of public funds and volunteer labour in an effort to improve health outcomes. Demonstrating these efforts have made a difference is within the interests of all patients, users, developers and funders but may take many years to be realised.

Demonstrating guideline impact requires data. Specific data may already be available or it may still need to be generated, but either way there needs to be a process established on how to identify and use relevant data sources.

This webinar, led by Dr Alex Aitkin and Dr Kiah Evans,, will describe ways in which you can use data and present impact through case studies. Dr Aitkin is NHMRC’s lead developer of NHMRC impact case studies, and has worked with a number of Australian guideline developers to craft guideline impact stories. Dr Kiah Evans will speak about her experience with the 'National Guideline for the Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders.’