COVID Recs Map

COVID Recs Map

The COVID19 Recommendations and Gateway to Contextualization team, led by an international consortium of collaborators, has developed a living catalogue of COVID19 Recommendations and a Gateway to Contextualization, the eCOVID19RecMap.

One of its primary goals is to allow contextualized local, provincial, regional and jurisdictional decision-making. All recommendations are supported by a description of its PICO elements and, if available, links to interactive Summary of Findings (SoF) tables and the Evidence to Decision tables (EtDs) populated on GRADEPro and other information.

This is a product of a collaboration between GIN, Cochrane Canada and other Cochrane entities, the WHO Collaborating Center for Infectious Diseases, Research Methods and Recommendations at McMaster University, GRADE centers, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE), WHO/PAHO, and many other institutions or organizations. 

The team is currently seeking content experts to review and approve key variables extracted from COVID-19 guidelines prior to their publication in the catalogue. This is an important quality assurance step within our protocol to ensure that the most important variables presented in the catalogue have been accurately extracted and classified. In the very near future, we will invite those experts to provide commentary if desired related to the recommendations.

We are seeking individuals with experience in guideline development, ideally with experience using the GRADE approach to join our pool of expert reviewers where you will be requested to review a maximum of one guideline per week in an area of interest.

Please contact Stephanie Duda at , Research Coordinator, McMaster University at for more information.