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Webinar: Global guidance and local application during the COVID-19 pandemic: best practice for adaptation of guidelines

Webinar: Global guidance and local application during the COVID-19 pandemic: best practice for adaptation of guidelines. A recording from this webinar is now available. Downloading, copying, reusing or distributing these files is not permissible.

Recording of the webinar:-

Global guidance and local application during the COVID-19 pandemic: Best practice for adaptation of guidelines"

Presentation Slides can be found here.

You can also view the webinar on  YouTube

  • Aug 19, 2020
  • 14:00 pm
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  • 1:30 hours
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This event will be moderated by Dr Tamara Kredo, Senior specialist scientist, Cochrane South Africa, South African Medical Research Council.


The target audience includes policymakers, guideline developers, researchers and the public who have an interest in contextualisation and adaptation of guidelines to local settings, including those involved with evidence-based decision-making in low-resource settings (in any country).  

Focus and key messages

Key focus is on adapting guidance to local circumstances rather than de novo development

  • Guidance development, dissemination, and implementation is very context specific.
  • Given the urgency of the COVID-19 epidemic, it is important to avoid waste of resources and duplication of efforts while efficiently developing guidance adapted to the local setting
  • Case studies to illustrate – both successful implementation and learning from failures
  • What can G-I-N do to help?



Tamara LotfiDr Tamara Lotfi, MD,MPH - Tamara is a research associate and project coordinator at the Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence & Impact at McMaster University. Her work is focused on increasing the accessibility to clinical, public health and health policy recommendations, and facilitating their contextualization to different stakeholders globally. Her experience includes coordinating the Secretariat for the Global Evidence Synthesis Initiative (GESI) (2016-2020), creating and enhancing communication between evidence synthesis researchers in Low & Middle-Income Countries, training junior researchers on conducting evidence synthesis, and in contributing as a systematic reviewer to the development of clinical and public health guidelines. 


 Joseph MathewDr. Joseph L. Mathew - Joseph s a Pediatric Pulmonologist based in Chandigarh (India). He is a leader of the Evidence Based Medicine movement and attempted to translate research evidence to health-care practice in developing countries. He is active within the Guidelines International Network (G-I-N), Health Technology Assessment International (HTAi), Cochrane, and Society for Medical Decision Making (SMDM). He is currently a member of the G-I-N Board of Trustees, and the Founder Chair of the G-I-N Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC) Working Group (since 2015). He was the Founder Chair of HTAi Interest Subgroup for Developing Countries (2008-13). He has contributed significantly towards capacity building efforts for evidence-informed decision-making through the SIGNET Capacity and Capability Building programme. He developed the KNOW ESSENTIALS tool for evidence-informed decision-making in resource-limited settings. Joseph is also a current member of the G-I-N Board.


Patrick OkwenDr Patrick Okwen Mbah - Patrick is a clinician at primary care in Cameroon with a passion for improving livelihoods for underserved populations (rural populations, women, children, people living with disability, and indigenous populations) in Africa through the use of innovation and best practices. Patrick is the district medical officer of the Bali health district in Cameroon and the Team Lead at Effective Basic Services (eBASE) Africa: A Joanna Briggs Affiliated Group. He is active within the evidence ecosystem and particularly interested in poverty related diseases, evidence hesitancy, evidence informed decision making, and evidence implementation in LMICs. Patrick is also a G-I-N Board Member and Chair for the Guidelines International Networks African community and am currently initiating a community of best practices for African community through the EBPracticeNet Africa platform (

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