Scientific Programme 2019

The plenary presentations from the G-I-N 2019 Conference in Adelaide can be viewed here, as well as a link to all the 2019 Abstracts that were published in the Evidence Based Healthcare Journal.

You can view all the published abstracts here.,_Adelaide.2.aspx

Plenary Session 1 – Clinical Guidelines in 21st Century Healthcare: Extinction or evolution?

Professor Davina Ghersi – Are clinical practice guidelines endangered?

Professor Jako Burgers – Personalised medicine and clinical practice guidelines

Professor Allison Tong – Getting our priorities straight: Involving patients in setting priorities for clinical practice guidelines

Special Sessions – Thursday 31st October

Professor Allison Tong & Nicole Scholes-Robertson – GIN & TONIC TOgether iNvolving consumers In Clinical practice guidelines

Mbah Patrick Okwen – Evidence-based healthcare in low resource settings and A database of all systematic reviews in healthcare

Nancy Santesso – Education for EBHC and Clinical practice Guidelines – this presentation will be available shortly. [link don’t have]

Plenary Session 2 –  Perspectives on real world evidence and big data: is it trustworthy?

Dr. Nichole Taske – Real world evidence in clinical practice guidelines

Professor Holger Schünemann – All evidence is real world evidence

Professor Steve Webb  – Pragmatic research for the real world

Dr. Blackford Middleton – Toward a Learning Health System: Sharing Trustworthy Computable Knowledge at Scale

Special Sessions – Friday 1st November

Professor Holger Schünemann – Advances in GRADE Methodology

Andrea Tricco – Evolving methods of evidence synthesis

Plenary Session 3 –  Ensuring Recommendations Are Implementable and Implemented

Professor Gill Harvey – Why don’t people follow clinical guidelines?

Dr Roman Kislov – Knowledge brokers to get evidence into policy and practice: Escaping the ‘dark side’

Professor Ilkka Kunnamo – Technology for guideline implementation – individual and population health approach

Special Session – Saturday 2nd November

Ina Kopp & Duncan Service – Revealing the ‘black box’ of guideline development