Scientific Programme 2016

The plenary presentations and videos from the G-I-N 2016 Conference in Philadelphia can be viewed here.

Opening plenary – Individualizing Guidelines in an Era of Personalised Medicine

Douglas K Owens MD, PhD (USA) – How Do We Individualize Guidelines in an Era of Personalized Medicine?

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Fergus Macbeth MA, DM, FRCP, FRCR (UK) – Personalised Medicine – Bright Future or False Dawn

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Lelis B Vernon (USA) – Guideline Development: A patient’s Experience

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Plenary 1 – Translating Guidelines to Performance Measures in an Era of Accountability

Diane Watson, PhD (Australia) – Improving Transparency, Accountability, and Quality and Safety Standards in Australia

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Kate Goodrich, MD (USA) – Quality Payment Programme

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Anke Bramesfeld, MD (Italy) – Translating Clinical Guidelines into Performance Measurements – The Challenge of Being Both Relevant and Feasible

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Plenary 2 – Incorporating Alternative Forms of Evidence into Guidelines

Jane Noyes, DPhil (UK) – Never Mind the Qualitative – Feel the Depth! Incorporating Qualitative Evidence on Intervention Feasibility, Acceptability and Implementation in Guideline Development

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Martin Kohn, MD (USA) – Guidelines, Personalised Healthcare and Real World Data

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Teun Zuiderent-Jerak, (Sweden) – The Pitfalls and Promises of Appraising and Including Different (AID) Knowledge

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Plenary 3 – Innovative Efficiencies in Guideline Development, Maintenance, and Adaptation: A Look to the Future

Mark Baker, MD, PhD (UK) – Maintaining the Currency of a Large Guidelines Portfolio; Necessity is the Mother of Invention

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Paul Shekelle, MD, PhD (USA) – Keeping Guidelines Up to Date: Progress and Challenges

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Naohito Yamaguchi, MD (Japan) – Internet-Based Support for Guideline Development, Maintenance, and Adaptation in Japan; Current Situation and Future Direction

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Closing Plenary – Leveraging Technology to Promote Guideline Implementation

Lawrence Mbuagabaw, MD, PhD (Canada) – Mobile Applications to Support the Implementation of Guidelines

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Kevin Larsen, MD (USA) – Using Health IT to Improve Outcomes – A Federal Perspective (Presentation Not Available)

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Per Vandvik, MD, PhD (Norway) – Digital and Trustworthy Evidence Ecosystem for Increased Value and Reduce Waste in Research and Health Care: Fact or Fiction?

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Panel 07: The Importance of Being Precise- how Specificity Matters to Guideline and Performance Measure Developers

Cross – National Use of Guideline Based Performance Measures

Ina Kopp and Monika Nothacker

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