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LMIC Grants 2018 - Successful Applicants

G-I-N was once again delighted to be able to offer support to our members from Low and Lower Middle income countries to attend the 2018 Manchester Conference.

The annual Guidelines International Network (G-I-N) conference is at the centre of G-I-N’s strategy around networking and provides the optimal opportunity for introductions to like-minded professionals, as well as taking part in various working group and regional community meetings, while attending the conference.   G-I-N recognises that funding is not always available to those members from low and lower middle income countries and intends for the conference to be as accessible as possible for those members, so offers grants to support members to attend.

Chrishantha  Abeysena

Chrishantha Abeysena is a Professor at the Department of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka and a Board-certified Consultant Community Physician, and undertook a post-doctoral training at the Monash University, Australia, gaining experience in Clinical Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Health Service Management.

Chrishantha has contributed significantly towards capacity building efforts on evidence-based approach in Sri Lanka. He's been involved with Cochrane since 2004, as a Steering Committee member of the South Asian Cochrane Network & Site Coordinator of the South Asian Cochrane Network.

He also served as the Chairperson of the Board of Study in Community Medicine of the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo from 2015-2017 and the President of the College of Community Physicians of Sri Lanka in 2016/2017.

Click here to read Chrishantha's post-conference report.


Joseph Mathew

Joseph Mathew is a Pediatric Pulmonologist at the Advanced Pediatrics Centre, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research in India.  He is a leader of the Evidence Based Medicine movement with a special focus on translating research evidence to health-care practice in resource-limited health-care settings. He also actively contributes to the Cochrane Collaboration, Guidelines International Network (G-I-N), Health Technology Assessment International (HTAi), & Society for Medical Decision Making (SMDM).

He is the Founder Chair of G-I-N LMIC Working Group (2015-present) and HTAi Interest Subgroup for Developing Countries (2008-13). He has contributed significantly towards capacity building efforts for evidence-informed decision-making in low income countries through the SIGNET programme. He is the lead author of EURECA (Evidence that is Understandable, Relevant, Extendible, Current and Appraised) and also developed the KNOW ESSENTIALS tool for evidence-informed decision-making in resource-limited settings.

Click here to read Joseph's post-conference report.


Hella  OuertataniHella Ouertatani is a member of the implementing team of the national instance for assessment and accreditation in healthcare at INASanté. She is the Coordinator in clinical practice guidelines projects and Head of clinical pathways unit at the healthcare quality and patient safety department.

Integrating the public Tunisian health system since 1998 as a clinical nutritionist in the national children hospital and then the national trauma center and burn,  Hella holds postgraduate degrees in critical appraisal of literature and management of information (Laval University-2016), clinical nutrition and an ongoing degree on healthcare management (cologne university).

This year we were also fortunate to be able to offer support to an additional three members.  This has been made possible by the European Society of Cardiology, who kindly provided additional sponsorship funding which we are extremely grateful for.

ESC Logo

The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) is an independent not-for-profit medical society led by expert volunteers. We unite member National Cardiac Societies, cardiovascular ESC subspecialty communities, Affiliated Cardiac Societies, distinguished Fellows of the ESC and individual 95,000 members from around the world.This network allows us to reach out and support the global cardiology community and keep our finger on the pulse of cardiology. Diversity is our strength.

Olena LishchyshynaOlena Lichyshena PhD, is the Director of the Medical Service Standardisation Board at the State Expert Centre in the Ukraine,  Prior to this Mrs Lishchyshyna worked for 20 years at the Institute of Oncology of Medical Sciences of Ukraine,

Olena has participated in the development of the national strategic planning program of medical standards in Ukraine, and carried a study visits in NICE (London) and SIGN (Edinburgh).

She also regularly leads training on evidence-based medicine, and the methodology of developing clinical guidelines for the multidisciplinary working groups.

 Click here to read Olena's post-conference report.


Mohamed Ben Hamouda

Dr Mohammed Ben Hamouda joined the healthcare quality and security department at INASanté in January 2017 as Head of Clinical Practical Guidelines unit.  Prior to joining INASanté, he has held roles such as National Sales Manager & Market Access Manager with various large pharmaceutical companies.

He received M.D from the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis in 1999, an MBA from the Canadian Training Centre of Human Development in 2015.


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