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Panel Sessions and Workshops

Access a number of the presentations from panel sessions workshops.

Panel Sessions

  • Enhancing the process and practice of guideline development in developing countries: What can G-I-N do to facilitate the process?
    Mathew J, Pwee KH
  • ‘Best practice’ or patient choice: how can clinical guidelines and patient decision aids unite to improve patient experience and care?
    van der Weijden T, Elwyn G, Chrisp P, Cowl J, Thomas V.
  • Toward a Framework for International Guideline Collaboration.
    Koster M, Schunemann H, Qaseem A, Cluzeau F, Pwee KH
  • De nova or adapted guideline development: which method to choose?
    Harstall C, Scott A, Dery M, Beaulieu M
  • Guideline derived performance measures: what do guideline and performance measure developers need from each other?
    Stokes T, Nothacker M, Nix M, Leng G
  • Methods of public and patient involvement – a toolkit
    Moderator: Schaefer C; Speakers: van der Weijden T, Cowl J, Gracia J, Davino-Ramaya CM
  • Guideline adaptation: different methods, different experiences, mapping a way forward
  • From evidence to quality
    Ollenschläger G, Slutsky J, Davis D, Huckson S
  • Weighing and Including Different Types Of Knowledge (WINDTOK) in guideline development
    Zuiderent-Jerak T, Forland F, Macbeth F
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Interactive Workshops

  • Evidence tables V: Prognostic and economic evaluation templates; GINDER
    Whittington C, Remy-Stockinger M, Hill K, Cook R, de Beer H
  • Teaching critical appraisal skills to the guideline working group members – experience from three centres
    Vuorela P, Malmivaara A, Lodenius L, Komulainen J, Service D, Liv Merete R, Gro J, Kari H
  • Assessing evidence for diagnostic imaging in clinical practice guidelines
    Reed M
  • Implementing evidence-based guideline recommendations: progress with the DECIDE project
    Harbour R, Treweek S
  • Moving from evidence to recommendations: a framework proposal for guideline developers
    Brignardello-Petersen R, Schunemann H, Neumann I, Carrasco-Labra A, Rigau D, Guyatt G, Brandt L, Vandvik PO, Alonso-Coello P
  • Supporting champions for national evidence and skills for local implementation – NICE Fellows and Scholars share their learning
    Moore V, Eccles M, tbc
  • Barriers to clinical guidelines implementation from the Arab world's perspective: brainstorming the solutions
    Aboulsoud S, Vakharia N, Elgayar D
  • Updating guidelines – a delicate balance at every stage of the process
    Beckles Z, Newbatt E, Ullman R
  • Beyond clinical and cost effectiveness: how to address health equity in clinical guidelines
    Bickerdike L, Fields E, Welch V
  • The GRADE approach to assessing the quality of a body of evidence and the strength of recommendations: Diagnosis
    Schünemann H, Mustafa R, Brozek J, Langendam M
  • Challenges in the criteria-guided appraisal of conflicts of interest of guideline panellists
    Kopp I, Knueppel H, Strech D
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