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Call for abstracts G-I-N 2011

Thank you to all abstract submitters.

Abstracts were submitted for:

  • workshop (1,5 hour),
  • parallel panel sessions (1,5 hour),
  • brief presentations (10-15 minutes) - scientific presentation and/or best practice, successful programme,
  • posters - scientific presentation and/or best practice, successful programme.

Seoul 2011 postcardAbstracts submission:  closed

Submissions should be made online:

Note: You will be required to register on the conference website to be able to start your submission.

Abstract submitters will be requested to make a selection of one of the primary tracks and, in some cases, a secondary one.

Abstract submitters should base their submissions on scientific research and not anecdotal experiences. Innovative approaches and products are encouraged.

Please note that the Scientific Committee reserves the right to move topics into other tracks if they deem them to be more appropriate to other tracks or to combine them with other related presentations.

Special Topics for G-I-N 2011

  • Guideline development and implementation in Asian countries
  • Relevance of international guideline activities for resource-constrained Asian countries
  • Challenges of cultural and linguistic diversity
  • Guidelines for policy and health systems strengthening
  • Tailoring guideline recommendations to individual patients
  • Integrating evidence-based “audit hooks” into guidelines
  • Cost-effectiveness and guidelines: healthcare technology assessment as a matchmaker
  • East meets West: Is there an evidence gap?

Evidence Generation and Synthesis

  • Identifying, appraising, and sharing evidence
  • Synthesizing evidence (e.g., meta-analysis, decision modeling)
  • Comparative and cost effectiveness research
  • Health technology assessment
  • Quality assessment, assessment of the risk of bias
  • Consensus, expert opinion, and “grey” literature
  • Qualitative research and single case studies
  • Other evidence generation and synthesis

Guideline Development

  • Methodology, skills, and resources
  • Appraising and updating guidelines
  • Harms, adverse events, and patient safety
  • Grading, including qualitative studies
  • Incorporating resources/cost considerations into guidelines
  • Managing conflicts of interest
  • Funding guideline development
  • Accrediting guideline developers
  • Equity in guidelines
  • Other guideline development

Stakeholders and Dissemination

  • Guideline panels, groups, development committees
  • Consumers, patients, and families
  • Allied health professionals
  • Patients with multiple co-morbidities
  • Resource-constrained settings and countries
  • Adapting guidelines and sharing work locally and internationally
  • Applicability assessment in guideline adaptation
  • Capacity building in guideline adaptation
  • Publishing guidelines and guideline libraries
  • Other stakeholders and dissemination

Guideline Implementation

  • Computer-based decision support
  • Performance measures and guidelines
  • Incorporating guidelines into medical education
  • Incorporating guidelines into healthcare policy, practice and systems
  • Barriers to implementation
  • Educating patients about guidelines
  • Uptake, impact and outcomes of guidelines (indicators)
  • Guideline adherence and non-adherence
  • Guidelines and the law
  • Knowledge translation
  • Change management
  • Other guideline implementation
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