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G-I-N PUBLIC pre-conference course

This course will support mentoring and exchange between guideline organizations that have different levels of experience with patient and public involvement. It will offer opportunities for guideline organizations to discuss challenges and explore practical solutions to foster the development of high quality patient-oriented guidelines.

Preliminary program

Experts in the field of patient and public involvement will introduce each topic. Emphasis will be put on discussions between participants regarding real-world examples and challenges they are facing.

Five themes will be addressed:

  1. Recruiting patient and public organizations and individuals
  2. Incorporating robust evidence on patients’ perspectives
  3. Supporting patients to engage competently and confidently in guideline development
  4. Communicating guidelines and evidence to patients to support informed and shared decision-making
  5. Patient and public involvement in context: finding the right “fit” between guideline organizations and involvement strategies
Page last updated: Aug 03, 2010
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