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Wednesday November 4th, 2009

8:30                       Registration


09:00 – 10:30      plenary IV - Guidelines, policies and politics

Chairs: Minna Kaila (FI) and Hayfaa Wahbi (Sudan)


10:30 – 11:15      Coffee break and poster presentation


11:15 – 13:00      Workshops/parallel sessions

  • Guidelines implementation III - Chair: Dave Davis (US)
      • Adapting Guidelines for Implementation: A Process Evaluation of Five Canadian Case Studies. Harrison MB, on behalf of CAN-ADAPTE Project Team (CA). Abstract
      • The Consultation Period as an Implementation Tool for Guidelines - Methods and Results. Fishman L, Jung C, Weinbrenner S, Ollenschläger G (DE). Abstract
      • Linking evidence to practice: Development of a Stroke and Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA) care bundle for Australian Emergency Departments. Huckson S, Lenstra A, Weeraratne J (AU). Abstract
      • Development, validation and implementation process for clinical practice guidelines in the Supplementary Health in Brazil. Oliveira M, Coelho K, Santos R, Carvalho J, Bernardo W, Scaff A, dos Santos F (BR). Abstract
      • Long-term adherence to a local guideline: lessons learnt about implementation. Vermeulen H, Storm-Versloot M, Knops A, Ubbink D, Goossens A (NL). Abstract
      • Health care professionals' job characteristics and attitudes towards clinical guidelines. Kortteisto T, Korhonen H, Kaila M, Elovainio M, Rissanen P (FI). Abstract
  • Guidelines and quality indicators II - Chair: Rick Shiffman (US)
      • Integrating Guidelines Into A Larger Quality Framework: The Case Of Cancer Care Ontario's Program In Evidence-based Care.  Brouwers M, McNair S, on behalf of the Program in Evidence-based Care Team (CA). Abstract
      • Making the Case for Cross-Pollination Between Quality Measures and Clinical Practice Guidelines. Nix M, Coates V, Haskell L, Monteforte M (US). Abstract
      • Developing a Population-Based Knowledge Management Framework for the Alberta Radiation Therapy Corridor. Esmail R, Hagen N, Craighead P (CA). Abstract
      • Does belonging to a regional quality network influence guideline implementation as measured by quality indicators derived from guidelines? Calmus S, Couralet M, Gardel C, Le Moign R (FR). Abstract
      • Recommendations for creating a strategic approach to sustainable guideline development. Zorbas H, Pearce A, Wade R, Milch V, Anderson K, Care O, Nelson A (AU). Abstract
      • Virtual Health Check in Evaluating the Adherence to Clinical Guidelines. Komulainen J, Kortteisto T, Nyberg P, Kaila M, Kunnamo I (FI). Abstract
  • Guidelines and patient involvement II - Chair: Minna Kaila (FI)
      • Increasing public access to clinical practice guidelines for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Bell M, Brosseau L, Lineker S (CA). Abstract
      • Getting a Grip on Arthritis©: Evaluation of a National Community-Based Educational Intervention to Improve Primary Health Care (PHC) Management of Arthritis: Impact on Patients. Bell M, Lineker S, Veinot P, Xu K, Badley E (CA). Abstract
      • A common toolkit for Health Professionals and Patients: multidisciplinary protocols for French primary care trusts. Locquet C, Georg G (FR). Abstract
      • Quality management for patient guidelines. Schaefer C, Kirschning S, Lang B, Saenger S, Ollenschlaeger G (DE). Abstract
      • Why is the involvement of patients in clinical practice guidelines in mental health so necessary? Our experience with a CPG of Insomnia in Primary Health Care. Diaz del Campo P, Jaier Gracia J, Izquierdo F, Nieto B, Luengo R, Blasco JA (ES). Abstract
  • Workshop: Indicators: the power of measuring - scaring or caring
  • Workshop: Proactive clinical guideline development using systems approach
  • Workshop: Towards more efficient guideline development and implementation: experiences with the use of the ADAPTE process
  • Workshop: Designing and testing a programme for multidisciplinary guideline development


13:00 - 14:15       Lunch


14:15 – 15:45      final speaker and closing ceremony

  • Poster prizes
  • Overview of the conference
  • Presentation of the next G-I-N Conference
  • Thank you
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