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Tuesday November 3rd, 2009

Tuesday November 3rd, 2009

8:30                       Registration


09:00 – 10:30      plenary III - Patients and guidelines

Chairs: Dave Davis (US) and Najoua Mlika-Cabanne (FR)


10:30 – 11:15      Coffee break and poster presentation


11:15 – 13:00      parallel sessions

  • Guideline 'quilt' - Chair: Hayfaa Wahbi (SD)
      • A national multidisciplinary guideline programme for youth care: prioritization, methodology and implementation. Veenendaal van H, Dronkers F, Rossum van J, Raats I (NL). Abstract
      • Cost effectiveness of a general practice chronic disease management plan for coronary heart disease in Australia. Chew D, Carter R, Rankin B, Boyden A, Egan H (AU). Abstract
      • COMPUS and the CADC: National and provincial collaboration in optimal prescribing recommendations. Allen M, Leslie B, Chong E, Bunka D, Regier L, Bugden S, Salach L, Jin M (CA).  Abstract
      • From knowlege to action. Clinical practice guidelines, electronic medical record and change management. Clavería A, Louro A, Grupo Fisterra, Grupo IANUS, Cerdá T (ES). Abstract
  • National guideline programs I - Chair: Airton Stein (BR)
      • Are universal the factors related to physicians' adoption of Clinical Practice Guidelines? - Experiences in Korea. Lee SH, Kim JH, Suh JH, Ahn HS (KR). Abstract
      • eCDS, Evidence and Transparency: Towards a standards-based approach for eCDS implementations. Fraser J (NZ). Abstract
      • Draft clinical guideline Internet consultation : first experiment in France. André-Vert J, Lindecker V, Dosquet P (FR). Abstract
      • How to identify and bridge gaps between current practice and key recommendations in clinical guidelines for persons with concurrent mental disorders and substance use disorders? Landheim A, Eiring O, Aakerholt A, Stuen H, Kulbrandstad T (NO). Abstract
      • How HAS develops audit support: the stroke experience. Laurence M (FR). Abstract
      • Interspecialty collaboration in the development of guidelines. Reed M (CA). Abstract
      • Just finished developing a guideline, how did we do? A process evaluation. Harstall C, Taenzer P, Scott A, Angus D, Moga C (CA). Abstract
  • Dealing with uncertainty - Chair: Dave Davis (US)
      • Evidence-based management of people with chronic co-morbidity. Brunnhuber K, Woodcock J (GB) Abstract
      • The last frontier? Autonomy, uncertainty and standardisation in Norwegian general practice. Carlsen B (NO). Abstract
      • Translation of Evidence into Practice: An Experience from Internal Medicine and other Primary Care Practices. Qaseem A (US). Abstract
      • Linking Primary Care and Public Health: The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care Applicability of clinical practice guidelines on patients with comorbid conditions. Robinson K, Elmslie E, Makris C (CA). Abstract
      • Applicability of clinical practice guidelines on patients with comorbid conditions. Lugtenberg M, Burgers J, Westert G, Clancy C, Schneider E (NL/US). Abstract
  • Developing guidelines - Chair: Magali Remy-Stockinger (NO)
      • Piloting a new scoping process-the NICE guideline on hip fracture. Hill J, Ftouh S (GB). Abstract
      • Choosing topics for clinical practice guidelines: thinking of implementation since the beginning. Santos RA, Carvalho J, Coelho K, Oliveira M, Scaff A, dos Santos F, Bernardo W, Fonseca L (BR). Abstract
      • Finding evidence and guidelines made easy: a thesaurus and software application for facilitating semi-automatic indexing of evidence summaries and guidelines. Nyberg P, Rannanjärvi K, Kunnamo I (FI). Abstract
      • Rapid HTA reviews in cancer guideline development. Juvet LK, Movik E, Svorken B, Natvig Norderhaug I (NO). Abstract
      • Incorporating a systematic review of qualitative studies into clinical practice guidelines on kidney transplantation. Tong A, Campbell D, Craig J (AU). Abstract
  • Workshop: AGREE II: Workshop B - Train the Trainer
  • Workshop: Implementation of shared decision making. Integrating patient preferences in clinical practices guidelines. 'Thou shalt' or 'you choose': evidence medicine meets preference-sensitive care
  • Workshop: Using the GRADE approach in osteoporosis guideline development; application and interpretation of indirectness


13:00 - 13:45       Lunch


13:45 – 14:15      Poster competition II


14:15 – 15:45      Workshops/parallel sessions

  • Guidelines: theoretical and ethical perspectives - Chair: Keng Ho Pwee (SG)
      • Quality of ethical guidelines and ethical content in clinical guidelines - A systematic review of guidelines on medical end of life decisions. Strech D, Schildmann J (DE). Abstract
      • The need for ethics. Professional perspectives on work and health. den Besten I, Hilhorst M, Faas J, Nauta N, Weel A (NL). Abstract
      • Value-based paragraphs in guidelines dealing with ethical perspectives on work and health. Nauta N, Weel A, den Besten I, Faas J, Hilhorst M (NL). Abstract
      • Promoting guideline based interventions in mental health-investigating a model that incorporates individual and organisational theories of change. Couineau AL (AU). Abstract
      • Applying social learning theory and a knowledge translation framework results in guidelines implementation, change in clinical practice, behaviours and patient outcomes. Bell M, Brosseau L, Lineker S (CA). Abstract
      • Guidelines as Knowledge Translation (KT): Activities at the Canadian Partnership against Cancer. Zitzelsberger L, Harrison M, Brouwers M, Browman G, Poole B, Temple W (CA). Abstract
  • National guideline program II - Chair: Antonio Vaz Carneiro (PT)
      • Twelve years of clinical practice guideline development, dissemination and evaluation in Canada (1994 to 2005). Kryworuchko J, Stacey D, Bai N, Graham ID (CA). Abstract
      • Method for the development of national health care guidelines in Austria. Baumer E (AT). Abstract
      • Involving children in guideline development - an innovative, multi-method pilot project. Gordon J, Ullman R (GB). Abstract
      • Poor agreement on assessing the quality of clinical practice guidelines in France. Nouyrigat E, André-Vert J, Solomon-Alexander C, Kitio B, Dosquet P (FR). Abstract
      • Teaching Guideline Developers Up-to-Date Guideline Methodology: The Canadian Thoracic Society Experience. Gupta S, Hernandez P, Harrison M, Goubanova E, Boulet LP (CA). Abstract
  • Evidence and quality of guidelines - Chair: Susanne Weinbrenner (DE)
      • Imprecision: Limitations of Using GRADE to Rate the Quality of Evidence on Adverse Effects - a case study. Tan TP, Shaw EJ (GB). Abstract
      • Current Status and Quality of Clinical Practice Guideline for last 10 years in South Korea. Kim NS, Sheem S, Kim SY, Jo MW, Kim SH, Lee SI (KR). Abstract
      • Applying GRADE to included studies in published Cochrane Reviews - experience from a national guideline on the pharmacological management of neuropathic pain. Tan TP, Shaw EJ (GB). Abstract
      • Combining evidence from randomised controlled trials and non-randomised controlled studies with modified GRADE in the nocturnal enuresis guideline. Sparrow K, Nunes V, O'Flynn N (GB). Abstract
  • Guidelines crossing borders II - Chair: Najoua Mlika-Cabanne (FR)
      • Guideline adaptation in practice: preliminary results from the evaluation of the use of the ADAPTE framework and process. Voellinger R, Fervers B, Burnand B, ADAPTE Group (CH/FR). Abstract
      • Refinement of the ADAPTE manual and process to fit the needs of the CoCanCPG partners. Hoffmann W, Laurence M, Hasenbein U, Kulig M, Rüther A, Mlika-Cabanne N (DE/FR). Abstract
      • Application of the CoCanCPG (Coordination of Cancer Clinical Practice Guidelines in Europe)-ADAPTE manual on prostate cancer CPG of the French National Cancer Institute (INCa). Séblain-El Guerche C, Mazeau-Woynar V, Hasenbein U, Hoffmann W, Külig M, Rüther A, Laurence M, Mlika-Cabanne N (DE/FR). Abstract
      • Saving money, time and preserving quality of guidelines. Italian SNLG experience in using ADAPTE. Morciano C, Spettoli D, Di Mario S, Laricchiuta P, Basevi V (IT). Abstract
      • Benefits and limitations of the ADAPTE process for guideline adaptation: the experience of developing a venous. Hood S, Wilson A, Middleton PF, Tooher R, Phillips SM, Frommer M (AU). Abstract
  • Workshop: What tools in the toolbox? Supporting effective patient and public involvement in guidelines
  • Workshop: Integrating evidence and recommendations related to health allied professionals and nurses in multidisciplinary clinical guidelines
  • Workshop: A quality-driven, pragmatic approach to crafting guideline action statements and evidence profiles


15:45 – 16:30      Coffee break and poster presentation


16:30 – 18:00      G-I-N annual general meeting


19:30 - ...          Gala Dinner

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