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Monday November 2nd, 2009

8:00 Registration

8.45-9:00 Opening ceremony

09:00 – 10:30 Plenary I - knowledge transfer between countries

Chairs: Jean Slutsky (US) and Filipe Basto (PT)

10:30 – 11:15 Coffee break and poster presentation

11:15 – 13:00 Parallel sessions

  • Guideline Implementation I - Chair: Rick Shiffman (US)
      • Establishing an evidence dissemination and implementation unit to support new, multi-disciplinary mental health services in using evidence and guidelines in practice. Willet M, Hetrick S, Parker A, McGorry P, Purcell R (AU). Abstract
      • Using Action-Types to Design Guideline Implementation Systems. Shiffman R, Lomotan E, Michel G (US). Abstract
      • Implementation of a Clinical Guideline based on a Physician Outreach Visit in Obstetrics. Munareto J, Stein A, Bordin R, Bernd F, Bersch G (BR). Abstract
      • Possible barriers to implementing clinical practice guidelines in Brazilian private health system. Carvalho J, Santos R, Oliveira M, Coelho K, Scaff A, Santos dos F, Bernardo W, Fonseca L (BR). Abstract
      • Barriers to adhere to the preoperative fasting guideline and how to overcome them. Ubbink D, Vermeulen H (NL). Abstract
      • Building bridges between guidelines and clinical practice in the allied health professions. Trudelle P, Boissier C, Lafont M (FR). Abstract
      • Identification of barriers and implementation of strategies to improve timing and creation of appropriate access for new haemodialysis patients. Lopez-Vargas P, Gallagher M, Craig J, Walker R, Snelling P, Pedagogos E, Gray N, Divi M, Gillies A, Suranyi M, Thein H, Polkinghorne K (AU). Abstract
  • Guidelines crossing borders I - Chair: Keng Ho Pwee (SG)
      • Transnational collaboration in developing and updating guidelines for primary care: experiences from Belgium. Royen van P, Vanwelde A, Goudswaard L (BE/NL). Abstract
      • The Launch of NHS Evidence. Leng G, Salmon M, Chrisp P (GB). Abstract
      • Comparison of recommendations from Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) for stroke management. Gracia J, Nieto B, Luengo R, Diaz del Campo P, Blasco JA (ES). Abstract
      • Comparing the methods used by HAS and NICE to develop clinical practice guidelines. Laurence M, Georg G, Revel-Delhom C, Buscail S (FR). Abstract
      • Healthcare professionals' experiences of the automatic decision support- A study method for developing the EBMeDS forward. Kortteisto T, Kaila M, Komulainen J, Rissanen P (FI). Abstract
      • Transnational collaboration on guideline development: the way forward! Kersten S, Stemkens D, Vlayen J (NL/BE). Abstract
  • Use of guidelines - Chair: Heather Buchan (AU)
      • Getting a Grip on Arthritis©: A National Community-Based Educational Intervention to Improve Primary Health Care (PHC) Management of Arthritis. Bell M, Boyle J, Lineker S, Badley E (CA). Abstract
      • Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy: Partnering Health Services Research with Guidelines to Impact Maternal and Perinatal Outcomes. Sawchuck D, Dadelszen von P (CA). Abstract
      • The effect of guidelines on clinical decision making in Nephrology practice: a qualitative study. Irving MJ, Tong A, Rychetinik L, Wlaker RG, Frommer MS, Craig JC (AU). Abstract
      • Infant bronchiolitis follow-up: common multidisciplinary protocol and toolkit for Health Professionals and Patients: acceptability and feasability in French Primary Care Trusts (PCT). Locquet C, Georg G (FR). Abstract
      • Utilization of SAGES guidelines by its membership: Initial analysis. Stefanidis D, Richardson W, Fanelli R (US). Abstract
  • Quality and updating of guidelines - Chair: Minna Kaila (FI)
      • How valid are evidence-based guidelines? - Comparative analysis of guideline recommendations with current systematic reviews using the example of diabetes mellitus type 2. Eikermann M, Holzmann N, Hoffmann W, Potthast R, Vervölgyi V, Kaiser T, Danner M, Hasenbein U, Rüther A (DE). Abstract
      • The quality of CPGs in the last two decades: An overview of reviews. Alonso-Coello P, Ifran A, Sola I, Burgers J, Delgado-Noguera M, Rigau D, Tort M, Bonfill X, Schunemann H (ES/PK/NL/CO/CA). Abstract
      • Updating Clinical Practice Guidelines. Methodological Handbook. Carrasco JM, Salcedo F, Alonso-Coello P, Gracia J, Solà I, Rotaeche R, Etxeberría A, Díaz-Del Campo P, González C, Parada A, Estrada MD, Rico R, Mengual JM (ES). Abstract
      • When to Update Guidelines: A pragmatic approach. Nunes V, Shaw E (GB). Abstract
      • An international survey about the updating process of Clinical Practice Guidelines. Alonso-Coello P, Carrasco JM, Salcedo F, Solà I, Rico R, Estrada MD, Gracia J, Díaz-Del Campo P, Rotaeche R, Burgers J, Qureshi S, Mengual JM (ES/NL/GB). Abstract
      • AGREE II: Advancing development, reporting and evaluation of practice guidelines. Brouwers M, Makarski J, Kho ME, Browman GP, Burgers JS, Cluzeau F, Davis D, Feder G, Fervers B, Graham ID, Grimshaw J, Hanna SE, Littlejohns P, Zitzelsberger L (CA/NL/GB/FR). Abstract
  • Guidelines and patient involvement I - Chair: Beatrice Fervers (FR)
      • A comparative study of patient involvement in cancer Guideline Development Groups: Project De-Colle. Fervers B, Cazeneuve H, Carretier J (FR). Abstract
      • A new method for patient participation in the Netherlands; a WIKI-based pilot study. Breejen den E, Nelen W, Kremer J, Hermens R (NL). Abstract
      • Consumer engagement for a public health guideline - benefits of early consultation. Bialowas M, Cvjeticanin V (AU). Abstract
      • Australia's approach to consumer involvement in the development of breast and ovarian cancer guidelines. Zorbas H, Care O, Pearce A, Wade R, Anderson K, Milch V, Nelson A (AU). Abstract
      • Public involvement in the development of leaflet for colorectal cancer screening. Hamashima C, Ishigaki C (JP). Abstract
      • Lessons for optimalization of patient participation in guideline development. Ham van der L, Broerse J, Veen van S (NL). Abstract
      • "We were the group's conscience" - an evaluation of patient and carer impact on NICE's clinical guideline development. Thomas V (GB). Abstract
  • Workshop: Evidence tables: How to make the data shareable?
  • Workshop: Improving participation of health allied professionals and nurses in guideline development

13:00 - 13:45 Lunch

13:45 – 14:15 Poster competition I

14:15 – 15:45 Parallel sessions

  • Guideline Implementation II - Chair: Filipe Basto (PT)
      • Implementing evidence-based guidelines to reduce inappropriate diagnostic practice. Bairstow P, Persaud J, endelson R, Nguyen L (AU). Abstract
      • Fostering the implementation of clinical practice guidelines by training facilitators. Derenne R, Boissier C (FR). Abstract
      • Implementing preventive care guidelines in general practice: lessons learnt from preconception care. Mazza D, Chapman A (AU). Abstract
      • Perceived barriers to the implementation of clinical practice guidelines: why don't general practitioners adhere to guideline recommendations in practice? Abstract
      • Systems Impact of Implementing and Using Nursing Best Practice Guidelines (BPGs) in 3 Canadian Hospitals. Matthew-Maich N, Ploeg J, Jack S, Dobbins M (CA). Abstract
      • Prioritising Implementation Support for SIGN Guidelines in Scotland. El-Ghorr A, Deas M, Aitken N, Qureshi S (GB). Abstract
  • Guidelines and decision makers - Chair: Jean Slutsky (US)
      • The NHS Evidence Accreditation Scheme. Leng G, Salmon M, Chrisp P (GB). Abstract
      • Estimating time and costs for Guidelines' development. Nast A, Graf L, Erdmann R, Pathirana D, Rzany B (DE). Abstract
      • Use of Language to Convey Obligation in Practice Guidelines: Suggestions for a Standardised Approach. Lomotan E, Michel G, Lin Z, Shiffman R (US). Abstract
      • Improving decision-makers response to guidance that a new interventional procedure is ‘safe and efficacious`. Lourenco T, Grant A, Vale L, Burr J (GB). Abstract
      • A national patient safety programme: Towards the drafting of new guidelines
  • Guidelines and quality indicators I - Chair: Minna Kaila (FI)
      • Synergies through Integrating Guideline and Quality Indicator Development – Experiences from a National Programme. Döbler K (DE). Abstract
      • Development of a Starter Set of Ambulatory Quality Indicators. Burgdorf F (DE). Abstract
      • Simultaneous Development of Guidelines and Quality Indicators – Results of an International Survey. Blozik E, Nothacker M, Weinbrenner S, Ollenschläger G, Scherer M (DE). Abstract
      • Development of Quality Indicators as an Integral Part of Guideline Production – Methodology and Results from the German National Disease Management Guidelines Programme. Nothacker M (DE). Abstract
      • Using Clinical Practice Guidelines to Identify Subject Areas for Quality Assurance Measures. Eikermann M (DE). Abstract
  • Workshop: SEARCH filter testing: achievements thus far and next steps for the future
  • Workshop: Evidence across borders – can guidelines do the same?
  • Workshop: Engaging with consumers around the world - learning from the challenges and achievements of the Cochrane Collaboration Consumer Network
  • Workshop: AGREE II: Workshop A – A training introduction to AGREE II

15:45 – 16:30 Coffee break and poster presentation

16:30 – 18:00 Plenary II - Developments in guideline development

Chairs: Jako Burgers (NL) and Keng Ho Pwee (SG)

18:00 - 19:00 Informal meeting in implementation

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