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Introduction to the 6th G-I-N Conference

Evidence Translation in Different Countries

Date: 1-4 November 2009

Location: Lisboa, Portugal

Dear members,

I am delighted to report the huge success of the Lisbon conference – we had nearly 390 participants from across the world. The scientific programme offered a variety of stimulating and useful workshops, plenaries and parallel sessions. We had a large number of high quality posters and Anna Gagliardi (affiliate scientist from Toronto General Hospital, Canada) won the poster prize (title of the poster: "How can we improve guideline utilization? Conceptual framework of implementability"). Thanks go to Minna Kaila and the whole Scientific Committee for their outstanding work. Thanks also go to Antonio Vaz Carneiro and the local organisers for coordinating the whole conference and organising a really special social programme.

The AGM was attended by representatives from 31 organisations. During the AGM we announced the results of the election. Rosa Rico (Spain), Philip van der Wees (Netherlands), Sue Phillips (Australia), Frode Froland (Norway), Jako Burgers (Netherlands) and Dave Davis (US) were elected and we warmly welcome them to the Board.

Other formal issues from the AGM include:

  • Acceptance of the amendments to the Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Retention of the current membership fees
  • Approval of the financial statement and reappointment of the Financial Examiners.

More items of note include:

  • The launch of the new G-I-N website in January
  • Board approval of partial opening of the guideline library for public access
  • The proposed development of G-I-N papers on items of interest
  • The incorporation of the ADAPTE collaboration within G-I-N.

More details on these issues and much more will be included in the next edition of EnG-I-Ne.

Finally, a word about the Board. I have been re-elected to serve for another year as G-I-N Chair and I am delighted that Najoua Mlika-Cabanne has been appointed as Vice Chair. We are joined in the Executive by Guenter Ollenschlaeger, who has been co-opted to serve as Treasurer.

Once again please feel free to contact me about any issues – I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Sara Twaddle
Director, Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN)
Chair, Guidelines International Network (G-I-N)

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