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Conference Participation Support

G-I-N once again supported members from Low and Lower Middle income countries to attend the Philadelphia conference.

For full information and eligibility criteria, please see the G-I-N policy.

The annual Guidelines International Network (G-I-N) conference is at the centre of G-I-N’s strategy around networking and provides the optimal opportunity for introductions to like-minded professionals, as well as taking part in various working group and regional community meetings, while attending the conference.   G-I-N recognises that funding is not always available to those members from low and lower middle income countries and intends for the conference to be as accessible as possible for those members, so offers grants to support members to attend.

Dr. Olena Lishchyshna completed a Diploma in Paediatrics in Kyiv National Medical University and received my further specialisation in healthcare organization and management in the Institute for Market Economics, Social Policy and Law. After graduating, Dr. Lishcynshna worked as a physician-endoscopist in Kyiv Institute of Oncology and Radiology, however she then focused more on managerial work and became senior researcher at the Scientific and Organizational Department of Kyiv Institute of Oncology and Radiology, Ukraine.

Since April 2008, Dr. Lishchyshna has been serving as the Director of the Medical Care Standardization Board of the State Expert Centre of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The list of her scientific publications includes more than 115 publications.

Patrick Okwen Mbah is a Cameroonian medical doctor and health economist with an interest in improving global health outcomes and does public health research, systematic reviews with both Cochrane and Campbell Collaborations.

He currently works at the North West Regional Fund for Health Promotion. Affiliated to the Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC) department of Health Economics and the Centre for the Development of Best Practices in Health (CDBPS-H), Patrick also works as a health consultant to several international development agencies and governments. Within G-I-N Patrick is the lead of the African G-I-N community.

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