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Plenary Presentations 2014

Below are the plenary presentations from the G-I-N 2014 Conference in Melbourne

Opening Plenary: Guideline development: Where does technology begin and end?

Dr Winfried Häuser (Technical University Munich, Germany) - Internet portal for the development of clinical practice guidelines–benefits and limitations
Dr Julian Elliott (Alfred Hospital, Australia) - Living evidence
Dr Fergus Macbeth (NICE, UK) - From GOBSAT to GRADE: a twenty year stroll through the wonderland of guidelines


Plenary 2: Guideline implementation: Is technology the magic fix?

Associate Professor Per Vandvik (University of Oslo, Norway) - The role of technology in creating, disseminating and updating trustworthy guidelines
Professor Rod Jackson (University of Auckland, New Zealand) - PREDICT: getting evidence in and out of practice
Dr Denise O'Connor (Monash University, Australia) - Theory-informed approaches to designing and evaluating implementation interventions


Plenary 3: Guidelines in developing countries: Challenges and solutions

Dr Emmy de Buck (Belgian Red Cross-Flanders, Belgium) + Mr Brian Bilal (Red Cross Society, Uganda) - Implementation of evidence-based African First Aid Materials in Sub-Saharan Africa: a view from the field
Dr Maria Silvestre (Kalusugan ng Mag-Ina, Inc [Health of the Mother and Child], Philippines) - Scale-up Implementation of Essential Intrapartum and Newborn Care (EINC) Guidelines: Challenges and Solutions, the Philippine Experience
Dr Krisantha Weerasuriya (WHO [retired 2014], Sri Lanka) - Guidelines in Middle And Low Income Countries - Existing Challenges And Potential Solutions (The first step was 35 years ago and the next one is due)


Plenary 5: Guidelines in practice: Making recommendations for patients, not conditions

Associate Professor Cynthia Boyd (Johns Hopkins University, USA) - Informing Patient-Centered Care of People with Multiple Chronic Conditions: Addressing Co-existing Conditions in Guideline Development
Dr Rae Thomas (Bond University, Australia) and Mr Ross Smith (Bond University, Australia) - Community consent for screening using community juries
Professor Allen Frances (Duke University, USA) - Don't Have Foxes Guarding Henhouses

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