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Najoua Mlika-Cabanne Innovation Award 2017

Fifth Award

Linn Brandt    

Linn Brandt

Dr Linn Brandt was recently presented with the fifth Najoua Mlika-Cabanne award by G-I-N Trustee, Per Olav Vandvik.                                       

Dr Brandt began her medical career at the Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary, where she studied from 2001- 2007.

Throughout her training Linn travelled extensively and worked on projects in Lebanon, Egypt and South Africa whilst gaining invaluable experience for her future career.

Linn has participated as a PHD student in EVICARE and MAGIC since 2011, working on a research project supported by the Norwegian Research Council dealing with knowledge-based decision support integrated with electronic medical records.

Linn is currently employed as a Doctor in specialist training, at the Department of internal medicine, Diakonhjemmet hospital, Norway and splits her time between this, and performing the role of temporary Project Leader on the research project Evicare, funded by the Norwegian Research Council.  This work is part of the international research and innovation program MAGIC.

For the past four years Linn has created an international network of evidence synthesizers, guideline developers and decision support creators working together to fix a currently broken evidence ecosystem. She is now leading the G-I-N Tech working group and orchestrates the collaboration with Cochrane Tech, GRADE tech and other key collaborators in the emerging digital and trustworthy evidence ecosystem. She has spearheaded the collaboration between Cochrane and G-I-N on what has become the shared Task Exchange Platform.

Throughout her career, Linn has worked relentlessly to improve tools for decision support for doctors and other health care professionals, since she started her training in internal medicine back in 2007 at a local hospital in Norway.

A dedicated clinician, focussed on taking care of her patients, Linn realised early in her career that clinical practice guidelines did not help much and was struck by the fact that they were not available in the electronic health record. This drove her to seek a solution to fix problems with guidelines and their integration as decision support in the EHR.

Working almost around the clock Linn started out by visiting world leaders of medical informatics to discuss challenges before going on to create the MAGICapp with colleagues in MAGIC research and innovation program. The advanced technology in this innovative platform for authoring and publication of guidelines, evidence summaries and decision aids reflects the mastermind of Linn, combining clinical expertise, advanced health research methodology and a true talent for medical informatics.

She will soon submit her PhD thesis on PLUGGED-IN project, whilst continuing to undergo her specialty training in internal medicine and working as a doctor in a local hospital in Oslo.

Linn is highly regarded by her colleagues and associates who have no doubt that her drive and determination will lead her to continue to pursue ways to collaborate and share data to get the best current evidence available – a worthy winner indeed!

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