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Najoua Mlika-Cabanne Innovation Award 2016

Fourth Award

Richard Rosenfeld     

Ilkka Kunnamo  

Richard Rosenfeld, MD, MPH was announced as a recipient of the fourth Najoua Mlika-Cabanne award by Ina Kopp, G-I-N Chair 2014 - 16 during the opening ceremony of the thirteenth G-I-N Conference in Philadelphia.  

Dr Rosenfeld has been the innovator and driving force behind the CPG program at the America Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Foundation (AAO-HNSF), including lead author of the AAO-HNSF Guideline Development Manual on Clinical Practice Guidelines We Can Trust. Dr Rosenfeld has authored and/or co-authored 18 CPG’s and given over 100 presentations, including podcasts on CPGs, their development, dissemination and implementation both nationally and internationally.

In 2011, Dr Rosenfeld served as Chair of the G-I-N Scientific Committee and initiated the establishment of the G-I-N North American Community (G-I-N/NA) at the G-I-N Annual meeting in South Korea, ultimately serving as the community’s first chair 2012/13. In 2015, he was awarded the G-I-N/NA Outstanding Leadership Award in recognition of his contribution to the guideline movement. Dr Rosenfeld conceived the E-GAPPS (Evidence-based Guidelines Affecting Policy Practice and Stakeholders) conference, sponsored by G-I-N/NA and the New York Academy of Medicine, and served as conference co-chair in 2013 and 2015. Today he serves as chair emeritus on the G-I-N/NA Steering Group.

Dr Rosenfeld was a member of the G-I-N Board of Trustees from 2011to 2014 and served as Editor for G-I-N’s enGINe from 2012-2014.

In collaboration with Richard N. Shiffman, MD, Dr Rosenfeld assisted in developing BRIDGE-Wiz (Buidling Recommendations In a Developer’s Guidelines Editor), which uses a software wizard approach to ensure CPG recommendations are clear, actionable and implementable.

Dr Rosenfeld is one of the earliest champions for fully engaging consumers in developing CPGs and ensuring that CPG s include tools and resources for consumers to enhance uptake and implementation. He is on the advisory board for Consumers United for Evidence-based Healthcare (CUE) and prepared an on-line instructional video Serving on a Clinical Practice Guideline Panel for Consumers that has been instrumental in linking G-I-N and CUE. This linkage subsequently resulted in the adoption of consumers on CPG development panels by organisations developing CPGs.

Dr Rosenfeld continues to move the AAO-HNSF forward, most recently as chair of the AAO-HNS Performance Measures Task Force, which will lead the AAO-HNSF efforts for quality measures that will advance the implementation of and adherence to published CPGs.

Dr Ilkka Kunnamo was presented with the fourth Najoua Mlika-Cabanne award by Ina Kopp, G-I-N Chair 2014 - 16 during the opening ceremony of G-I-N 2016 in Philadelphia.  

 Dr Kunnamo is currently a practising GP at Karstula Health Centre, Karstula, Finland as well as Adjunct Professor of General Practice, University of Helsinki, Finland.  Additionally, he has the role of Editor-in-Chief, EBM Guidelines, Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd and EBMeDS, Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd, Helsinki, Finland.

Dr Kunnamo was the founder of the Finnish electronic evidence based medicine database called “Lääkärin Käsikirja”, which was launched in the 1990’s, and is currently used daily by almost all Finnish health care organisations and professionals. The database has been translated into 9 languages.

Dr Kunnamo was one of the leading persons in the early days of the Finnish programme which produced comprehensive national clinical practice guidelines (Current Care Guidelines). Today, altogether 101 updated Current Care Guidelines are in use, and are held in high esteem by the professionals as well as by the authorities in Finland.

Dr Kunnamo is the founder and current Editor-in-Chief of the Evidence-Based Medicine Electronic Decision Support service (EBMeDS), that integrates electronic health record systems with the evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. EBMeDS is revolutionary with its simple and logic IT-architecture, since its usage is not dependent on a specific EHR-solution, but can be integrated with various IT-solutions globally. Thus, the EBMeDS offers a valuable tool for implementation of the CPG’s both in Finland and globally.

Dr Kunnamo has been involved with G-I-N from its early days. He is a founding member of G-I-N’s Implementation as well as Multimorbidity working groups.

Dr Kunnamo is highly appreciated by his coworkers for his innovative and encouraging attitude.


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