Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The Guidelines International Network (GIN) is managed by a Board of Trustees elected by its members.

The Trustees are responsible for ensuring that GIN complies with charity law and the requirements of the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

The organisation of GIN also includes an Executive Committee, whose role it is to manage and implement strategy as agreed by the Board.

The Executive committee is currently made up of the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and the Chief Executive Officer.

The Board of Trustees comprises:

  • Up to 11 individuals elected as Trustees by the organisational members
  • Up to 1 individual elected as a Trustee by the individual members
  • Up to 3 individuals co-opted by the Board
  • The Treasurer
  • The immediate past-chair

Each year approximately one third of the Trustees elected by the organisational members and every second year from 2013, the Trustee elected by the individual members, shall retire from office. Although these Trustees may stand for re-election, no Trustee can serve more than three consecutive terms of office without at least a one year break before being eligible to stand for election again.

The 2020-2021 members of the Executive Committee are

The remaining 2020-2021 Trustees are

Former Trustees

  • Lubna A. Al-Ansary, SA
  • Pim Assendelft, NL
  • Teus van Barneveld, NL
  • Sophie Blanchard, FR
  • Heather Buchan, AU
  • Jako Burgers, NL
  • Bernard Burnand, CH
  • Stephanie Chang, US
  • Françoise Cluzeau, AGREE Collaboration
  • Dave Davis, US
  • Albrecht Encke, DE
  • Cindy Farquhar, NZ
  • Beatrice Fervers, FR
  • Frode Forland, NO
  • Hernando Gaitan, CO
  • Iain Grimmond, UK
  • Davida De La Harpe, IE
  • Sue Huckson, AU
  • Albert Jovell, SP
  • Minna Kaila, FI
  • Sonja Kersten, NL
  • Jos Kleijnen, GB
  • Jorma Komulainen, FI
  • Tamara Kredo, ZA
  • Finn Børlum Kristensen, DK
  • Regina Kunz, CH
  • Peter Littlejohns, GB
  • Fergus Macbeth, UK
  • Catherine Marshall (GIN Honorary Patron), NZ
  • Marjukka Mäkelä, FI
  • Najoua Mlika-Cabanne (GIN Honorary patron), FR
  • Per Olav Vandvik, NO
  • Günter Ollenschläger (GIN Honorary Patron), DE
  • Sue Phillips, AU
  • Keng Ho Pwee, SG
  • Safia Qureshi, UK
  • Hyeong Sik Ahn, KR
  • Rosa Rico, SP
  • Kitty Rosenbrand, NL
  • Richard Rosenfeld, US
  • Roland Schaffler, AT
  • Rick Shiffman, US
  • Sadasivan Sivalal, MY
  • Jean Slutsky (GIN Honorary Patron), US
  • Sara Twaddle, GB
  • Philip van der Wees, NL
  • Antonio Vaz-Carneiro, PT
  • Joan Vlayen, BE
  • Hayfaa Wahbi, SD