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Per Olav Vandvik

Member of the GIN Board of Trustees since 2014.



I am a Norwegian father of 3 children age 15, 18 and 21 and married to Helene. I am currently working as Professor at the Department of Health Management and Health Economics, University of Oslo, Norway, researcher at the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services in Oslo and Acting consultant at the Department of Medicine, Innlandet Hospital Trust-Gjøvik, Norway.

I have during the past 13 years spent most of my time figuring out how clinicians can make use of best current evidence together with patients at the point of care within the concept of evidence-based health care. After having being exposed to hands on guideline development while being post doc at McMaster University (through my mentor Gordon Guyatt who co-created GRADE together with Andy Oxman) I finally came to understand the crucial value of guidelines as information resources for clinicians but also recognised some major limitations. I now spend most of my time heading a “MAGIC” team dedicated to develop innovative solutions for providing clinicians and patients with trustworthy  guidelines, evidence summaries and decision aids at the point of care ( I am also a proponent for evidence-based medicine and guideline methodology for clinicians and decision-makers in health care, and I currently support numerous guideline organisations in developing trustworthy guidelines.


Vision Statement for GIN

My vision for GIN - in which I would like to contribute - is to increase a culture and spirit of worldwide collaboration and sharing of data from clinical practice guidelines to increase trustworthiness (according to GIN and IOM criteria), reduce duplication and increase dissemination at the point of care to the benefit of clinicians and patients. Secondly I believe GIN should work towards bridging remaining gaps between clinical practice guidelines, shared decision making and quality improvement efforts in health care through networking and common collaborative projects. Finally, I would like GIN to continue its focus on research on clinical practice guidelines and contribute with high quality research through collaboration with GIN partner organisations.


Page last updated: Oct 01, 2020
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