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Minna Kaila, MD PhD

G-I-N Vice-Chair 2010/2012; Member of the G-I-N Executive Committee; Member of the G-I-N Board of Trustees since 2008/2009; Chair of the membership committee since April 2011; Chair of the Scientific Committee 2009.

Minna Kaila 2010Minna Kaila is a Professor of Health Care Administration at the University of Helsinki (on leave of absence from permanent position as Chief Physician for Health Services for Children and Youth at City of Tampere). She was in G-I-N founding committee and has been a Trustee of the Board since 2008. Minna is Chair of the Board of Current Care Guidelines, and an Associate Editor of the IJTAHC. She has a PhD from 1993 and is a pediatrics specialist. Minna has lead the national Current Care guidelines, and the national Programme for Managed Uptake of Medical Methods at the Finnish Office for Health Technology Assessment (Finohta). She served on the Board of the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim and chaired its educational committee, as treasurer of the Finnish Paediatric Society and as general secretary of the Finnish Society for Allergy and Immunology, and is the past president of Finnish Paediatric Society’s Allergy Section. With more than 100 original publications in English and Finnish (pediatrics, allergology, guidelines, decision support), Minna is also a reviewer for several journals.

Vision over the next 5 years

G-I-N is growing from its infancy and early childhood, getting more members, becoming better established evaluating by number of organisational and individual members, and the number of participants to the main event, the annual conference. The main focus of G-I-N has been and should be in the future to avoid duplication of effort in guideline production and knowledge transfer, as demonstrated by the Evidence Tables Working Groups’ efforts. G-I-N should assist in ensuring better quality of health care by translating scientific evidence into action, by way of clinical practice guidelines. As G-I-N is an international organisation, making ever better use of the website is fundamental. The newly updated strategy will aid in leading the international collaborations and sharing experiences.


Page last updated: Feb 13, 2020
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