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Hayfaa Wahbi FRCOG, FRCS(Ed.), MMedSci (A.R.T), MSC. Med-Educ.

Member of the G-I-N Board of Trustees 2009/2010

Hayfaa Wahbi November 2009

I am a consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology; I have worked in Sudan, England and Saudi Arabia, mainly in a hospital clinical setting. I developed interest in obstetrics at the community and public level especially in the use of Evidence-based practice to improve the healthcare quality in Africa and its effect in reducing Maternal Mortality.

I am one of few people in the Arab World and Africa who conducted Cochrane systematic reviews (Use of progestogens in the treatment of threatened miscarriage) and on-Cochrane reviews (Hibiscus for the treatment of hypertension) and I encouraged the conduction and the use of the systematic reviews as source of evidence in clinical and health policy decision.

I am the chairperson of the Sudan Association for Evidence Based Medicine, the first organisation from the Arab World to join G-I-N. This association had a major role in the introduction of EBM in Sudan and the neighbouring countries. I am a member of the Sudan National Committee for generation and implementation of clinical practice guidelines.  The committee is part of The Arab League, established in 2008 to promote the development and the adaptation of CPGL in the Arab World.

In my current post as an assistant professor in the Chair of Evidence Based Healthcare and Knowledge Translation, King Saud University in Riyadh, I  am a member of a multidisciplinary committee for clinical practice guidelines in the University hospital.

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