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Catherine Marshall

Vice-Chair of the G-I-N Founding Committee; Vice-Chair of the G-I-N Board of Trustees 2003/2004; Member of the G-I-N Board of Trustees 2004 until 2010; Honorary Patron of the Guidelines International Network, appointed 2004.

Catherine Marshall_May2011

Catherine Marshall is currently an Independent Guideline Adviser and Health Sector consultant based in NZ. Between 2001-2006 Catherine was the inaugural Chief Executive of the New Zealand Guidelines Group, a not for profit organisation set up to develop guidelines and promote evidence-based practice in NZ. Catherine is now a Life Member of the New Zealand Guidelines Group.

Catherine has been actively involved in the development of the Guidelines International Network and was the Vice-Chair of the G-I-N Founding Committee and Vice-Chair of the G-I-N Board of Trustees 2003/2004 and a Trustee until 2010.  Catherine has also been the Chair of the G-I-N Website committee 2001-2006, Chair of the Conference Committee and has worked with the G-I-N Emergency Communities, the Patient and Public Involvement Working Groups. She is currently a member of the Implementation Committee and Co-Chair of the Education Taskforce.

Catherine has the combined experience of developing and implementing guidelines as well as successfully managing not for profit organisations at CEO and governance levels. Since 2006 Catherine has provided consultancy advice on guideline implementation to the Ministry of Health In Malaysia, the National Institute of Clinical Studies in Australia.  She has also conducted a review of one of the guideline programmes run by the NHMRC in Australia and has worked for the NZ Ministry of Health as a locum policy manager (which included commissioning NZ clinical practice guidelines). Recently, Catherine has been running a smoking cessation guideline implementation project in New Zealand, providing advice to the Australian NHMRC on standards for guidelines, and working with colleagues in the UK and Australia to conduct reviews of Australian guidelines, providing guideline implementation training in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and the G-I-N conference in Seoul.


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