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Patrick Okwen

GIN Board Trustee 2019 - 2022


I am a clinician at primary care in Cameroon with a passion for improving livelihoods for underserved populations (rural populations, women, children, people living with disability, and indigenous populations) in Africa through the use of innovation and best practices. I am the district medical officer of the Bali health district in Cameroon and the Team Lead at Effective Basic Services (eBASE) Africa: A Joanna Briggs Affiliated Group. I am active within the evidence ecosystem and particularly interested in poverty related diseases, evidence hesitancy, evidence informed decision making, and evidence implementation in LMICs. I am also the chair for the Guidelines International Networks African community and am currently initiating a community of best practices for African community through the EBPracticeNet Africa platform (

I have been awarded the Cochrane Aubrey Sheiham Award 2016, the Africa Evidence Leadership Award 2018.

My 3 years vision for GIN is to increase the usefulness of GIN for clinicians in , in order to impact livelihoods for underserved populations, by making evidence based recommendation more accessible to clinicians and patients.

I intend to achieve this by:

  1. Highlighting the peculiarity of clinical landscape in LMIC through an engaging stakeholders process for LMIC members and non-members of GIN
  2. Identifying priorities for evidence based recommendations in LMIC
  3. Consolidating efforts of existing guidelines developers for LMIC relevant content like WHO
  4. Pulling along LMIC community to contribute to the global network (GIN)
  5. Facilitate collaboration with existing networks like DUODECIM, JBI that have already available resources that can be exploited with minimal efforts



Page last updated: Nov 17, 2020
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