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Pablo Alonso Coello

Member of the GIN Board of Trustees since 2018



Pablo Alonso is Senior Researcher at the Iberoamerican Cochrane Center. He has been been involved in guideline development in general for over 20 years at both a national and international level.He has led the development and implementation of the methodological guidance used in the Spanish National Program of Guidelines from the Ministry of Health where he currently serve as its Scientific Director. Besides coordinating some of its guidelines, Pablo contributes to the adoption of GRADE in the National Guidelines Program and elsewhere.

At the Iberoamerican Cochrane Center Pablo has developed a strong research group with a major interest in guideline methods where they have moved forward the field of updating and incorporation of patients’ values and preferences. Pablo currently chairs the GIN Updating Guidelines working group who have developed, within the context of the GRADE working group, methods to evaluate the certainty of evidence, presentation of results, and approaches to improve its uptake in guidelines.

Pablo has been a GRADE working group member for many years and currently serves as a Grade Guidance Group member. In this group he has been instrumental in the development of several methodological projects, for example the Evidence to Decision frameworks, a structured and explicit approach for the formulation of recommendations. These frameworks are now being gradually implemented in leading organisations like the WHO or the European Commission.


Vision for GIN

My vision for the guideline enterprise for the next years is a gradual move towards more transparency and rigour, with a further development of methods to consider neglected aspects like resource use considerations, the patient and public perspective, equity, acceptability, and feasibility. Further work is required to foster guideline adaptation in a setting of limited resources; it is crucial to specifically address the challenges and needs of organisations in developing countries.

We need to further incorporate and research the methods that we have to keep guidelines up-to-date. Another challenge is how to realistically share the burden of guideline development, a crucial aspect for the sustainability of the guideline enterprise. Technologies will be crucial to achieve this goal, also improving efficiency and rigour.

I have been involved in GIN for over a decade now and I am looking forward to be part of this endeavour from the GIN Board.



Page last updated: Nov 17, 2020
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