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Duncan Service

Member of the G-I-N Board of Trustees since 2011/2012; G-I-N Chair 2016, G-I-N Treasurer 2013 - 2016, 2018-2020


Duncan Service is the Evidence Manager at SIGN. He is responsible for IT support to SIGN, website and database design. He is also responsible for systematic literature review for clinical guidelines and advising group members on SIGN methodology and critical appraisal.

He has worked on 13 different guidelines while at SIGN the most recent being the Management of early rheumatoid arthritis. Duncan Service is currently a Non Executive Director on the Healthcare Improvement Scotland Board. He has been involved with G-I-N since its formation having attended the inaugural meeting in Edinburgh and presented in Helsinki in 2008.

He is interested in promoting the role of G-I-N in reducing the duplication of effort in producing guidelines and in ensuring that evidence based guidelines are put into practice.

Vision for G-I-N over the next 5 years

I think the pressure that guideline developers face in keeping their evidence up to date is a key area for G-I-N to concentrate on over the next five years, G-I-N is the obvious source for guideline developers to collaborate on keeping their existing guidelines up to date and ensuring that guidelines reflect the best current evidence.

I think that the other area that G-I-N is well placed to lead on is in the increased move to make sure guidelines are implemented, G-I-N has already been heavily involved in this work but I feel that this is an area that will develop further and G-I-N is uniquely placed to share new developments in this field.

The need for an organisation like G-I-N to promote the sharing of good practice and avoiding duplication of effort in the production of guidelines has never been more clear with the pressures that the current financial crisis has put on health care provision in a number of countries.


Page last updated: Oct 30, 2019
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