Miranda is an epidemiologist with a background in health sciences and a keen interest in evidence-based health care. After her PhD in infectious diseases epidemiology she worked as senior researcher at the Dutch National Health Care Institute and senior staff member of Cochrane Netherlands. Currently she is an assistant professor and principal investigator at the department of Epidemiology and Data Science of the Amsterdam Medical Centers (University of Amsterdam). The focus of her research and teaching is evidence synthesis methodology, in particular guideline development and implementation. Her research line covers a broad spectrum of projects: from developing core outcome sets and risk of bias instruments to evaluation of guideline implementation and development of methodological frameworks. As methodologist she contributed to numerous guidelines on a variety of topics, for example for WHO and the European Commission. She is a board member of the GRADE working group, co-chair of the Dutch GRADE network and an active member of Cochrane.

Her mission is to improve quality of care by developing, evaluating and implementing guideline methods with the aim to establish high quality and impactful guidelines.